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Behind the wheel

“Behind The Wheel” series originated with the idea of taking panoramic photos in cramped spaces. My ideas morph and flow and the project “Behind The Wheel” began.

There is something about cars and traveling that can bring to the forefront of our mind a nostalgia for our past or sometimes a meditative focus on paths of life. On long road trips there is reflection and recollections. My road trips have been a time to research who I am and who I can be.

When we view the world behind a windshield there is a separation, a delineation between our little world “in here” and that world “out there”.  you can experience all sorts of weather. You can still get a shot of that moment in time that somehow interests your eye.

On a trip from Seattle to Arizona I took thousands of photographs in the car.
I was using using the app Photosynth on my IPhone for image acquisition. I began to enjoy the disjointedness of the pastiche images. It made me evaluate what a photograph is suppose to be and what it can be when you allow computer programmers to carry much of the burden of creation. It feels like a Dada art experiment. I also had a jarring experience coming to terms with the unusual framing that occurs in the spaces where the picture does not exist.
I suspect most of this will never see the light of day as a print or be sold which its has a freeing feeling to create compositions which have their own critera and rules that reject traditional photography framing and technique.

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